How to Get a Girls Number

How to Get a Girls Number

You’ve probably tried to get a girls number before. Some of you might have had a lot of success and some not. These tips will help you get a girls number in the future.  If you try these tips and have some success please let us know, we love to hear from people and their success stories.  Also if you want to add to the tips of how to get a girls number please e-mail us at Hope you enjoy these tips on how to get a girls number. Also check out pick up lines to use on girls.

How To Get A Grils Number

Tip #1

How to get a girls number
How to get a girls number. He got her number!

Before you talk to her, tell yourself you are the man and get rid of any doubt that you have. If you were rejected before or got a wrong phonenumber before it is no big deal. It is time for you to have success! Confidence is huge, if you are confident the girl can tell and will more likely give you the number.  This is one of the mos important steps on how to get a girls number, confidence is key!

Tip #2

When walking over to talk to her make eye contact and smile. Look at her, do not check her body out while walking over to talk to her. If you do this it will be a quick turn off.  If she smiles back that is a good sign, go and talk with her. If she does not smile back it is up to you if you want to talk to her.

Tip #3

When you walk up to her make sure to say something. Don’t just stand there and wait for her to talk. Just say something casual like ” Hey, how are you doing today?” She will then respond and mostly likely ask you the question back. Then you can take it from there. Say something you have done that day or something you wanted or want to do. Remember the more she talks the better, do not interrogate her. Remember! Talk about her, not about you the entire time. Do not use a pick up line. Using pick up lines is not how to get a girls number.

Tip #4

Give her a compliment, make sure that you mean what you say and they are specific to her. She will love to be complimented if they are real compliments. If it is fake she will be able to tell.

Tip #5

Never be shy about asking for her number.  You just met her so if she says no who cares, you can go get another one. Remember if you do not ask for the phone number you will not get it.

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