Dating Masters

Dating Masters

Here are the phone numbers of the dating masters. If you have any questions they will be able to help you out.

Assistance for Girls call:                                                                                      Assistance for Guys call:

Dax: 657-888-3283                                                                                                Katie: 208-7133227

Danny: 804-503-9070

Nate: 208-550-8428

3 thoughts on “Dating Masters”

  1. the dating sceene at BYUI is less than reputed. girls want to be asked out at their convenience which is not durring class, and students with child(ren) are not able to attend the singles wards. I (and many others) would happily pay $1/month if you created a branch of this site for dating profiles. I am sure you could easily get an ad in the school paper to get the word out. the mainstream dating sites all pricegouge. since your site is already free I am betting you would not price gouge.

    1. Hey do you know many others would want it? We could build it. Please let me know if you find some others too.


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