Dating Tips

Dating Tips

Dating Tips
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Here are some general dating tips for girls and guys. We hope these dating tips will help you out while you are dating and single. We have already had serveral success stories. Several people have gotten in relationships and some have even gotten married. These dating tips really do work. Also if you have any more good dating tips please e-mail us at

Dating Tips #1

One thing everyone should know is that no one likes to get rejected. Why do most guys not ask girls out? Because they are afraid of the girl saying no. If the girl will make sure the guy knows that they have interest, it will give them the confidence and reassurance to ask them out. This does not mean that you flat out tell them that you have a huge crush on them, if you do it would scare most people. You need to let them know that you like them in other ways. ( These are important dating tips to follow)

Dating Tips #2

Indicators of Interest (IOI) are things people do to let others know that they have interest. This can be as simple as making eye contact or going out of your way to talk to them and find out what they like. Even a simple smile lets someone know you are not closed off to going out with them.

Dating Tips #3

Demonstrate the Higher Level of Value or (DHV). This means that you let them know that they are the most important person in the room to you. Do not be creepy while doing this. For example if you are going to visit someone that you like and you talk to their roommates the entire time, how are they supposed to know you like them and not their roommate? Have you done this before? If you said no, chances are you are lying.

Dating Tips #4

Make sure to have confidence when you are with others, who you would potentially want to take out or have take you out. Try not to act like you would never “have a chance”. This does not mean that you can be stuck up, just confident. This is one of the important dating tips you would be surprised how many people like those who are confident!

Dating Tips #5

For girls, go here to learn more about how to get a guy to ask you out.

Here are some more dating tips for guys.

If you have some more tips you would like us to add e-mail us at

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