How to Get a Guy to Ask

How to Get a Guy to Like You and Ask You Out

General Misconception

how to get a guy to ask you out
How to get a guy to like you

Only very attractive girls get asked out on dates. It is true that guys want to be attracted to who they ask out; however, according to the study girls that were not the most attractive still got asked out and sometimes even more than girls who were more attractve because they knew how to give the right signs to the guys. These tips can really hope you out if, you want a guy to ask you out. Learn how to get a guy to like you. Get the guy to ask you out on a date! Also if you are looking for some funny pick up lines you are in luck we have lots here too. 

Chances are you are tired of  most guys being to scared to ask you out on a date.  You see them playing games on the weekend instead of asking you out and this is annoying.  After reading though these tips you will learn how you can actually do something about this! Here are some basic tips on how to get a guy to ask you out on a date.  These are just some basic tips that if you follow will help guys know to ask you out on dates.

Tip #1 How To Get A Guy To Like You

How to get a man to like you

You have heard this tip before but it is important and worth repeating. Make sure the guy knows that you have some interest. Guys were asked the number one reason why they do not ask more girls out. The most frequent response was, they were scared of getting shut down. This does not mean every guy you show interest in will have interest in you.  However if you are willing to put your self out there a little and let him know in a non-creepy way, chances of him liking you will increase. How often have you not had interest in someone then found out they liked you, and all of the sudden you kind of like them too? However, if he does no like you do not keep pushing. You should be able to tell if he is in to you or not. Make sure to give him enough keep him interested but do not do to much either!

Tip #2 Almost as good as tip #1


How to get a guy

You should not tell him flat out that you like him, if you have not gone on a date; however, you can let your roommates/friends know that you like him and they can drop hints. They should not tell him to ask you out, if they do this it is a lose lose situation. If he asks you out it is cause the roommate told him to, if he does not ask you, he is a jerk.  It would be better for the roommate to say, ” hey John, Kim thinks you are cute.”

Tip #3 How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

how to get a guy to ask you out

Show interest in him and what he likes. You do not have to pretend to like something you do not, but go out of your way to talk with him and get to know him better. This will also help you decide if you really do like him.

Tip #4

Make sure that he knows that he is important to you. Invite him over to your apartment or ask him to help you with something that you really do need help with. If you invite him over, talk to him. If your roommate talks to him the entire time and you do not then he will think that your roommate likes him, not you.

Tip #5 (how to get a guy to ask you out)

Do the simple things, like smile at him and laugh at his jokes.

Tip #6

Body Language

Body Language is a big thing. If you say one thing, but do another the guy will be very confused and possibly give up. If you are crossing your arms, you might as well just tell him you have no interest. An example would be if you are crossing your legs in his direction with your feet facing towards him, that sends the sign that you are interested. If you are in a room make sure to position yourself by him, make sure to sit by him. Make sure you are clever about this and not obvious. ( Hope this is helpful on learning how to get a guy to like you.)
Tip #7

Ladies sometimes less is more when it comes to makeup. Do not put too much on, I am not saying do not get ready. Also just like you like a good smelling guy, guys like a girl that wears nice perfume too.

Tip #8

Let him know you are available, and make it easy for him to get your number or ask you out. If you are always in a big group of people it will be hard for him to ask you out.

Tip #9

If you have done everything we have talked about you have done your part. He might not like you and that is okay there are a lot more people out there. If he does not like you do not try and convince him to.


Extra Tips on how to get a guy to ask you out on a date

– Don’t talk, text, or call him over and over again, because you might actually just make him not like you.

-Do not bring up old boy friends and do not ask him about old girl friends at first.

-If you ask him who he likes and he says that he doesn’t know when you ask him, that probably means he has feelings for you; however, he may not be sure if he likes you or if he does, he may not know how to tell you.

-Don’t play dumb mind games.

Also for guys check out how to get a girl to like you.

More coming soon

Hope this has helped you figure out how to get a guy to ask you out., or how to get a guy to like you,  If you have anymore tips you think we should add e-mail us at We are currently looking for dating stories and other great dating tips.  If you have a good dating story we will post it on our blog for all to see, or if you have great dating tips we can add to the list of tips we already have. Photo from free digital



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  1. Okay so I like my bestfriend (guy) & i’ve liked him ever since halloween & i told him i liked him . & I asked him out & he didn’t reply because everyone was there so yeah. & now when school was back from winter break i started getting more feelings for him & i was going to kiss him on his birthday but i got scared. so his bestfriend told him & he got happy & said ‘ I’m going to ask Jackie out’ & he was really happy . but my friends are always like ‘ EVAN go ask jackie out’ its really annoying . like really ? & so he said this to me ‘ Jackie i can’t ask you out because my hair is ugly today ‘ & I thought it was cute so i wrote him a little note saying ‘ I really like your hair today ♥’ & so i don’t know what to do . my friends are annoying so yeah they’re always like ‘ go ask her out do it ‘ but i don’t know what do to ? please help me !

    1. Jackie,
      How are you and Evan? If things are still foggy, tell him you really want to go out with him. And your real friends shouldn’t care about the guy! But keep in mind talking about him all day may be a little on your friend’s nerves. Good luck!
      😀 Alice

  2. ok so there is this guy that i like and i think he likes me but idk and my friends told him to ask me out the first time he said ok then the second time he said mabye idk what that means

    1. If he really does like you, and his answer is still maybe, then he’s probably just scared to ask you out. If you can, don’t have your friends tell him to ask you out. Thats just being pushy, and putting him under peer pressure. But think of it this way: If you were scared to ask someone out, and someone told you to do it. Wouldn’t you say maybe? Does he know how you feel? If not, try dropping hints. 😉 Good luck.

    2. He might be trying to figure out if he likes you or not so just give him a little space. He will end up telling you after a while.

  3. This guy I REALLY liked started going out with one of my best friends. She has know I have liked him for a while and she still didn’t care 🙁 I don’t know what to do! All I want to do is cry..HELP!!

  4. I like a guy and he likes me but he got a girlfriend but i don’t know what to do because i know he likes me allot but i show it sometimes but we just run from it!!! what to do!!!!!

  5. Obvisly i like this guy. He’s always starring at me and he knows i like him cause my friends told him.He said he doesnt know if hes gonna ask me out. What should i do!?!

    1. wait i honestly dont think girls should make the first move! its just not right,haa. but flirt with him talk to him! ask him things what u guys have in common then see if he asks u to go do that thing u have in common w/ him;)

      1. u know no guy has ever liked me and no guy ever will they all think im disgusting and weird i wish a guy would finally have the guts to say that he likes me if anybody whos out there who actually agrees what im saying please give me a heck yea!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m a shy person (I’m only 11 years old) and I have a ? : Should i be worked up over my first kiss I’ts kinda embarrising for me because I haven’t kissed a boy yet at 11 years of age so what should I do should I just lie and say i’ve kissed a boy before or should I just tell the truth cuz I don’t want to be embarresed.

  7. big sob story comin’ up 🙁 Last year I was kind of a derf. My mom picked ALL the clothes I wore and ALWAYS DID PIGTAILS IN MY HAIR!!!!!!! In music class was pretty much the only time I saw him, and I always found a way to mess it up! I was a total PSYCHO! This year I’m cool and friends with the most popular girls in school. ( and totally stylish because I finally stood up 2 my mom.) But he won’t forget last year. I told just 1 friend who I thought I thought I could trust, but soon the whole sixth grade knew. Even him. People were asking him if he wanted to go out with me. AND ON TOP OF IT he likes my BFF. what can I do 2 have a 2nd chance at this. PLEASE HELP 🙁

  8. There’s this boy at my school who used to like me and he says he stopped liking me because we don’t talk anymore. Now that I know this, I kinda like him!! But how do I rekindle his feelings for him??

    1. Well Lila, keep talking to him don’t like talk to him right away, just start by saying hi decide to keep talking and then when you want to stop talking say i got to go or just keep listening!!!! it helps allot just by starting a small conversation could help allot!

      <3 Beast

  9. There’s this guy at my school that his friends have asked me to go out with him but I don’t no if they’re joking or not… I really like him too and if he asked me I would say yes but I don’t even know if he likes me or really even knows if I exist 🙁 We don’t have any classes together and we never really talk but I’ve noticed that he’s really quite sweet, I just don’t know how to talk to him because he’s really popular and always has a big group of friends around him plus he’s in a different locker area from me so I can’t talk to him in the mornings before school 🙁 I’m too nervous to talk to him because I know that I won’t know what to say or anything 🙁 Please help?
    (we’ll both be 14 this year)

    1. Don’t be trust me… it;s happened to me! i’ve tried to hide it but it budges out and goes right in! Well i think try to talk to him likely, just try don’t matter what you say just try to be cool act like your self!!! Guys like it when you act like your self! So take my advise if he likes you say yea if it was a joke just say “okay then i don’t care”. don’t let it beat you up!

  10. All these problems are nothing like mine i hate to say it, but my problem is like 5 things. First, i cant talk to guys to save my life like no lie, real talk. I’ll end up stutering, then sweating down my head and under my arms and then i’ll start to fart and then throw up. I wish i was my friend in this patricular catigory. Second i like 1 guy after another and i dont mean the standard “oh he’s cute” i mean like loveing guys to the full length. Third, there are a bunch of hoes and stuff in my grade (im a freshman btw in high school) and apperently guys are into that. Fourth, my friends have a tendancy to tell the guys that i do like, straight up that i like them so much. Thats why im curious about tip 2. And then i think the guys get creeped out. And fifth, there is one guy i like most but he knows i like him and i dont know his feelings but hes going to “Freshman Sophmore” with some girl thats a sophmore not to mention he flirts with a lot of girls but not with meh. And one more thing the guys that do like me i dont feel the same way for like 2 days ago a guy asked for my number for his friend cause apperently his friend likes me and i’ve never noticed him like that before. But anyway my problem is i cant stick with one guy, thats why im kind of afraid of relationships. Im scared im gonna cheat. Not to mention im bein called a whore for doin stuff with this guy and then a couple weeks later with his older brother. Im not dening it though. Thats why my ex broke up with me and doesnt talk to me cause he thinks im a hoe. I dont know what im doing anymore.!!! -_-

  11. I really like this guy and he likes me. The only problem is, he wants a physical type like hugging, kissing, etc. .I want tl be physical with him but I have never had a relationship when we are very physical and I am kind of scared of it.He told my BFF that he is going to ask me out and I am hanging with him and a bunch of other friends. I am scared that we wwill play truth or dare and we will kiss. I do not want our first kiss t be a dare. Whqt do I do????

  12. That’s the problem, I’m not sure if he does know. I dont want to make the first move, and I’m really nervous because despite being 16, it would be my first relationship…

  13. So this guy I know, we have been talking for a while, and I think I like him…
    I’m friends with his mom, even though I’m his age, and we both know alot of the same people, despite not going to the same school. Recently, I’ve been hosting dinner parties for my friends, and have been constantly asking him to go, well not constantly, I’ve only had to ask him once for each time…. and my sisters and friends keep telling me, he’s got it bad for me. His mom tells me that he thinks I’m pretty, a good cook, and really smart. I think i have a chance with him, but dont want to make the first move. Unfortunately for both of us we are really shy, but once we start on a good topic we keep talking.
    Just when I was going to make a move, he asks a different girl out, and was rejected…. now he is emotionally scared and doesn’t want anything to do with relationships, which kind of bums me out….
    Part of me wants to comfort him, and the other part wants me to go up to the girl and ask why she rejected him… although I’m afraid if I do that she’ll ask him out.
    If I just comfort him, I may just become a “good friend” and I want a little more than that. how can I open his eyes into seeing there is a girl willing to go out with him right here?

  14. Well Im in 6th grade and Imma huge tomboy so like ALL of my friends r guys and we sit next to each other in EVERY class and his feet r always pointing at me and we talk alot and he acts like Im his gf or best friend and Im the only girl he talks to and he dances and sings around me and he’s always acting dorky around me. And all of the girls make fun of us. And I kinda want to ask him out, but Im scared to mess up our friendship so Im just stuck. Oh and We r both 11

  15. Sorry i messed up on my question me nd him hav been goin out for 5months but wenevr i gt bored i wana call him but dnt no how to start a conversation i gt scared nd nervous plz help nd he hasnt txtd me how do i no wen he likes sumone else but doesnt tell me b/c im his frst girlfrend help plz *i had to make anothr copy of this ond b/c on the other i misspelled words srry

  16. Im n middle skool nd i was really bored wen my frend calld me sayin “hey dude ok i found this hot guy for u” nd i said cool weres he from nd she said la nd i liv in texas me and him hav been goin out for 5 months but eclver sinc thiss month happened he hasnt been txtn me but wen i wana call him im to scared or shy to b/c i dnt no hos to start up a conversation nd i dnt wana loose him he luvs me nd he likes me but how do i no wen hes lyin nd if not what do i do to stay woth him im too scared to call him but i really need help on this one guys i need and fast respond pleaz help i need help

  17. Well I think this is good, but im kinda scared to do it. There is this guy I like, and he keeps saying he doesn’t like me, but I think he’s afraid to say it. We talk to each other a lot, and sometimes he wants me to sit by him, and he smiles when I talk to him. I try to get his attention sometimes, but my friend keeps flirting with him behind my back. She says she doen’t like him,but something tells me she does. She laugh’s at his jokes she sits by him. I really don’t know what to do. *sigh*

    1. Ok joan this means that he likes u but ur frend is gettin in the way of thingz ive been thru this nd he likes u nd might wana ask u out its just hes scared u might reject him nd if he asks u out nd yall go out ur frend might get mad and turn aroujd talk behind ur back nd spread rumors tht u might of told her that u wantd no one to no so just Give him signs tht u like him and pass notes or sumthing txt him but dnt let ur frend no

  18. well i think this boy likes me at school, today we went for a walk together and we sat together with my friends, and i like him and i want to ask him out but i scared that he will say no and stop being my friend so what do i do?

  19. I really like this guy and my friends kept telling i should ask him out so i did, he told me he liked me to but he wanted to get to know me better first, we tlked for a while afterwards and he dident said evrything was fine. Im not sure what to do now so i dont make it awkward for him.

  20. ok so i like this guy i met in 6th grade when we were working on a student council project he was in 7th and his mom is my princeable and she loves me but i dont know about him im in 8th grade now and he goes to the high school now so i never see him except for when i cheer at basket ball games he works the consesion stand becuase his mom makes him and we hang out at half time and my first game i didnt relise how much i miss him and he seemed to enjoy my company alot but i HATE cheerleading and i look awful in my uniform what should i do

  21. This guy asked me out but i said “no” cuz i didnt like him then but than he started sitting next to me in lunch and starting talking to me and flirting so than i kinda started to like him. But i m scared to ask him out cuz he might reject me 🙁

  22. i like this guy his name is luke we have been friends he is going out with this girl he has been with 3 times now i love him and he knows i do because i said i love u but know i love him even more but im starting to ignore him know so what should i do

    1. Well you cant hide the truth forever don’t advoid him it will just make it worst!! promise me i’ve done that before and he was gone!!!!! so don’t well he will know more you ignore him he will believe its true just go and still hang out with him!!

  23. I like this guy and he likes me. We already told eachother that we liked eachother and i asked him if he wanted something serious and he said no because he doesnt like having a girlfriend what should I do.. ? Help PLEASE

  24. Ok so there’s this guy he likes me and I like him. We already told eachother we like eachother but he told me he doesnt like having a girlfriend what should I do.. :/ ? I mean I really like him and he also likes me but the fact that he doesnt like having girlfriends.. Idk what should I do..

  25. OK, so theirs this guy that i like and i used to sit by him in three to four classes and he would stare at me for at least 2-3 minutes or less and he makes me laugh and he does the cutest and funniest things to impress me and i dont now if he likes me and i go to a catholic school and we have faith partners and we had a thanksgiving feast and i sat across from him at the feast and ya any tips?!?!??! because i think he likes me but idk?

    1. The same thing happen’s to me Katie. The guy I like hang’s out with me everyday, but if I ask him if he likes me he say’s no. Sorry

  26. This other guy that I like is freinds with me on facebook and my best friend tried to hook me up with him when she was on my account and talking to him she asked him what his number was even though she had his number he thought it was me. He called her 32 times all he did when he called was ask for my number but she wouldnt give it to him because he thought i was confusing . what does that mean?

  27. well the guy knows i like him and his friends asked him out for me( i totally hated them for that) and he said yes but we left for our next class then dumped me then i ignored him most the day my math teacher let me eat with him and my science teacher and the helped me stop crying then after school ended he apologized what does that mean?

  28. So, I was with this guy for about a year and we split up at the begining of this year and then he started dating someone else and we just stopped talking because of her and they split up about a couple months ago. I don’t know what to do I’m still not over him, I can’t stop thinking about him! But we don’t really speak anymore:/ what shall I do?!!!

  29. so i like this guy in my PE and science class. Hes super nice and is a really good friend, I told a friend i liked him but he told the guy i like. So i asked what he said an the guy i like said cool. I’ve talked to him during gym, science and i’ve texted him also. Please give me more tips to have this guy like me. Thank you.

  30. I really like this guy,but I have no idea if he likes me back like he kinda sort of just a lil throws hints but that’s it and if I don’t start the convo we don’t talk but when I do start it we talk 4 ages and have really nice convo…I’m sooooooooooo confused what do I have 2 do 2 get him 2 just start the stupid convo?

  31. There is this boy that I REALLY like and it turns out he likes me the tiniest bit but another girl asked him out and he accepeted, so now I am heart broke, my friends keep telling me there is more fish in the ocean, but NOT to me. Before I read this my friends were telling him things like, oh you and Taylor are soooo cute together, you should go out.
    I want him back, but I don’t know how…

  32. I’m kinda a shy person to boys and I’m not girlish and I have a crush on this guy who doesn’t even notice me.

    1. It does not matter what you wear or what you like!!!
      trust me at first your gonna be SUPER shy.
      sit next to him in as many classes as you can. Noticing starts when you ask little questions like ” hey, george can I borrow a pencil,” or ” jack I REALLY don’t get this problem.” ( make sure you REALLY do need those things though 😉
      If he is in any school clubs that you are interested in, then sign up too!!
      Don’t be too pushy or TO flirty at first just be casual and yourself. HOPE IT HELS!!
      <3 Taylor

  33. so i really like this guy named conor, he’s in 4 of my classes, and we kinda talk, but not as much as i’d like, and he’s really popular, tho he’s really nice and funny, and cute, my bff’s boyfriend is friends with conor so he’s trying to get me in good but i just wanna get myself noticed by him, any advice??

  34. So I was working with this lady for a church thing and I found out that she has a son my age. She always brags about him to me. Well anyways, I went to a youth event, and somehow I knew that this guy was her son. (I had never seen him before) All my friend were like falling all over him. It was kinda ridiculous. I was able to talk to him for a few short minutes and I found out he was this ladies son. My other friends added him on fb and were posting all over his wall. He didn’t reply to any of them and it’s been weeks later. I haven’t added him on fb cuz I want him to want me and not think I’m just another girl falling all over him. We go to different schools and in a about a week I’m going to see him at an event I’m doing with his mom. It feels like it’s ment to be. What should I do?!?!? (o and I’m in highschool)

  35. Okaii, so obviously the guy I’m completely in love with is Austin. He’s super cute/hott! He likes me, I LOVE him. But he won’t ask me out cuz I’m too pale…I don’t want to get a tan, and plus I’m never giving up on him cuz I love him. I’ve sent him MANY hints…but nothing. I really love him, so what should I do??!!?? (im 12 he’s 12)

    1. I love a guy to but he won’t ask me out I’m mean we have a history but won’t ask me out again so what do we do I’m 10 he’s 10

  36. Please give me advice! This is my first year in high school and i am new so i barely know anyone. The first person i met was a guy in two of my classes. We didnt really talk much at school but we talked on fb every night. I started liking him, but he was going out with another girl from a different school and they hadn’t seen each other for about 2 years. They have been dating for about 3 years but now they dont really talk much just post on every others facebook walls that they miss each other like once every month. He is also very very popular. When i told my friend, she admit that she liked him to me. Then i got really sick for about a week and i was away from school and she went around telling everyone i was obsessed with him just to get him to not like me. Then people started telling him. So that night he told me what happened and when i denied my “obsession” he got pretty mad and started telling me reasons and proof as to why i am clearly obsessed when im not! Then he started calling me weird and told me he doesnt like me. Soon we got over that and we became some what friends again but it took sometime. And since he was in my 2 of my classes, there was always something to talk about. But sometimes i’d notice when i’d wear certain shirts or put my hair down, that him and his friends would stare at me and smile, but when i looked at him, he wouldn’t be smiling and he’d just look away. Then sometimes in class he’d suddenly yell out to the whole class that i like his best friend who is a student in the class. Or he’d start talking about some girl he’s texting and then he’d be talking to his friend but looking directly straight at me and smiling.
    That was about a month ago^.
    Now one of my friends turns out to be lesbian and she is in one of the classes that i have with him. my friend and him have had problems with each other for a very long time. so a couple days ago she told the principal that he was bullying her for being lesbian. That night i tried talking to him but he completely ignored me, he just asked who was making up stories about him harassing her. The next night, i asked him if he was ignoring me and he said he wasnt. Then as it turns out, he thought i was the one going to tell the principal on him. He turns out to not even know that she’s lesbian. So now i’m trusting him.
    But the problem is that just yesterday, a group of about 15 guys came up to me at lunch and asked me if i knew who he was. when i said yes, they asked me if i was friends with him, and i was kind of embarrassed so i just shrugged. Then they called me a liar and said that me and him were best friends. No one else knew about our friendship so i thought that he started something up about me. That night, i told him what happened and he kept saying that he didnt say anything to anyone. We kinda started a little fight but he suddenly promised me that he hadnt said anything about me. But suddenly he’s acting really nice to me and saying sorry when he says something that bothers me, which he never did in the first month.
    Today we had an assembly and he was sitting the row in front of me, but he turned his whole body to my side and started talking to people right next to me, i caught him looking at me many times when he talked, but he just looks away like it was nothing. And he always looks at me when i look at him, so i end up looking away without meaning to. we barely talked today and that’s making me feel like we are tearing apart and i dont want that to happened. he said he “didnt know what he wanted to talk about.” and since we are so use to talking online, we stopped talking at school. he told me he’ll talk to me more, but he hasnt.
    There are a lot of girls that tell him that they like him… but the girl he is dating suddenly has all her friends posting on her wall names of guys that she would look good with, and they were all the same name, and it wasnt him it was someone from her school.
    I dont know what to do at this point so please help me?

  37. Please give me advice! I like this guy, and i am pretty sure he likes me back. He is actually really cool and slightly dark/edgy like me. But to most of my friends and other people he is weird and a nerd. What should i do?!

    1. Girl, ask him out. And if your friends think you two are nerds, then you should either:
      a) Be a cute and cool nerd!
      b) Make sure they really are your friends. Real friends won’t make fun of you!

  38. So, i like this kid a grade older than me. I told my friend in his grade but i didn’t think she even knew him, because hes new. But, it turns out she sits next to him in science and she told him that i like him. i don’t really know him and he doesn’t really know me and we don’t talk. So, in class my friend told him that i like him and he didn’t know me by my name so she showed me to him in the hall and and he said im pretty and to tell me that he says hi. But i don’t like having a “messenger” and we don’t talk so what should i do because im starting to really like him.

  39. hi, well i am a freshmen this year and i like really like this guy that goes to another school. i met him last year because my friend introduced him to me and we used to talk all the time non stop on facebook and vido chatting each other. He also knew that i really liked him and i knew that he really liked me but my friend that introduced me to him told me to ask him out. so i did and he said no because of his girlfriend that he was not over yet that cheated on him, he was not ready for another relationship yet he said. well that was last year and ever since then when i asked him out he kinda got distanced from me and now just last coupl of weeks he has been talking to me a little bit. just a regular conversation. i don’t know if he likes me anymore or anything confused on what to do because i still really like him and want to go out with him.

  40. Alrighty, so..
    i kinda like this guy,
    but theres two problems with this.
    First, is that,
    he just got out of a six month relationship,
    but we’ve been talking alot and were supposed to hang out tomorrow.
    his best friend is my ex.
    who really hurt me and put me through alot and the guy i like knows that.

    but he does things like call me hunny, and love. and its cute. and i didnt mean to like him, just kind of happened.

    any pointers for what i should do when i hangout with him tomorrow? (:

  41. Well alls u do is find out how many girls he was
    With before see if he was cheating if so nonono
    Don’t go out with him there r over 1 million girl
    In the world and it all happens well if hes changed
    Just be good friends now that’s the best thing
    To do see if thing moved on and change has
    Happen if mean get away though

  42. How do you ” convince” a guy to like you? I try and try but he won’t get near me or talk to me and I have the biggest liking to him. And I don’t think he think I exist hardly. What do I do?

  43. So there is a guy I like and we work at the same store. He is in a higher position than me. We text and talk at work. we have expressed interest in each other but can not date do to company policy. Before he expressed interest we would text 2-3 hours a day… now I am lucky if he even responds and if he does it is very short. He is very back and forth with me and I have no clue why. I tried to ask and he said everything is fine. I am not sure what to do? I like him and other people at work have mentioned to me that my face lights up around him and that he seeks me out and gives me looks. I have no clue how to handle the back and forth… do i talk to him or just ride it out till I get my new job? Please give me some advice.

  44. I want this guy to ask me out but we used to go out and he was always by my side and everyone was like you two are perfect together but then he dumped me. And now were talking again. What do I do? I want to be his girlfriend again but how do I get there???

  45. a guy in my PE class is really cute and i like him, but he’s a player and checks out every girl; he’s good-looking, nice, smart, and athletic. what do i if this stuff doesn’t work? and i will not give up on this guy.

  46. a guy in my PE class is really cute and i like but he’s kinda a player and checks out every girl, but he’s nice, smart, cute, and athletic… how do i get him to like me if this doesn’t work? and i’m not gonna give up on this guy.

  47. So there’s this kid and I liked him so I tried talking to him… It worked and he liked me.. Only I found this out 3 months after the fact! When I liked him he liked me back but neither of us sad anything! My lick of course! Well I decides that I’m not over him yet and I really would like to get him to like me again but I don’t know if he ever will or how I should go about trying to Persue him! We are pretty good friends so I’m also scared that I might burry myself in the friend zone! How do I be a friend but not enough to get him to not like me?! Ahh! Help!

    1. If he liked you once before there is a good chance the guy will like you again. Let him know that you have interest in him. How old is he that makes a difference on what you should do to get the guy to like you.

  48. i like a guy… well he’s really sweet and he sort of knows me… we were friends last year and now he never talks to me. I’m teenager btw- and a lot of other girls like him. He’s funny and somewhat popular-but so am I. I am really shy around guys and i don’t wanna wait and have him get taken. Since a ton of other people like him… I dont know if i have a chance. WHAT DO I DO? 🙁

    1. You need to start talking to him again. Let him know you are interested but keep your options open. In jr. high and high school guys like what is hard to get.

  49. i am in love with this guy. he told me he liked me and he told me i was pretty. he wont ask me out though. we did everything that every couple would EVER do. we have romantic moments like riding ferris wheels and kissing at the top, we just have the most perfect thing going on. he is single but he wont ask me out. ( were both 17 )

    1. You should tell him he needs to ask you out or at least plan something for you guys to do! Do not let him be lazy like a lot of guys.

    2. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. Tell him that if he doesn’t ask u out that u will notact the way you normally act around/with him, that will for sure work! If it doesn’t, ask him out!!!

  50. One Saturday of every month I am with this guy at a thing called cotillion and we teach little kids how to dance. I have developed feelings for him and now I want him to like me back…what should I do????!!!??

    1. invite him over to do something. Maybe as a group. Do you know if he likes you at all. Have you give him any hints?

  51. i have a guy i like right… and he likes me but will NOT ask me out im sick of it and just want to go up to him and tell him “I LOVE U” but then he whold be scared and run off wat sould i do?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Emily, What have you done to let him know that you like him? Have you given him all the signs? Are you sure he knows you like him?

    2. That is true that no guy wants to get rejected but some guys just need to take a risk for the girl he likes and if you don’t then you will spend your time liking that person while they don’t like you and they have a boyfriend already so guys need to take action before another guy makes a move on the girl you like and then you have no chance with her at all

    3. There is a guy I like to and I just found out he has had a crush on me for a little more than 3 months but he doesn’t have the guts to ask me on a date why should I do cause I want to go on a date to the movies or whatever and sometimes I just want to ask him out but everyone says that the guy needs to make the 1st move not the girl and I can’t stand it anymore because he gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek every day after school and everyone says that that is the way he supposivly makes his 1st move but he hasn’t said anything WHAT SHOULD I DO HELP ME 🙁 I am in love and I don’t know what to do <3

      1. If u want something to happen u have to “make the first move” .. Md nd my -now ex bf- went out on nd off for 3yrs nd i made the first move. I ask him out! U shld do the same thing if u rly lik him

  52. Wow that was actually good. If girls did that and i was atracted to them I would really ask them out. One of the main reasons i do not ask out some girls is cause i do not want to get rjected.

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