How To Ask A Girl Out

How To Ask A Girl Out

How to ask a girl out
Start a casual conversation

There are several ways to ask a girl out. A lot of guys wonder how to ask a girl out. Stop wondering and just ask her out. Many guys just think about asking a girl out and never actually ask her out because they are to scared of being rejected. We will go over some good ways of how to ask a girl out that will increase your chances of her saying yes. We will explain how to ask a girl out that you are already friends with and how to ask a girl out that you have never met before.

How To Ask A Girl Out That You Already Know

Since you have already known the girl for some time their is no reason to play the waiting game. If you have her phone number you can call her up and ask her out on a date. Make sure when you talk with her you are calm and be yourself, remember she already knows you! Make her laugh on the phone. If you do not have her number, next time you see her try and get it. Or if you want you can just ask her out when it is just you and her. Do not ask her out in front of her friends. Usually this makes the girls feel uncomfortable.

How To Ask A Girl Out That You Do Not Know

How to ask a girl out

The best thing to do in this situation is to try and get her phone number. You can read about how to get a girl’s number here. When you get her number do not call her later that night to ask her out. Make sure to wait a couple days before using her number. When you call her you have two options:

Option 1 – You can just talk with her and invite her to some group activity. This is low pressure and she might actually come. However, the down side to this is she does not feel like she really has to go.

Option 2 – Ask her out on a date. When you talk with her on the phone try and crack a joke.  Ask her about her day and break the ice before asking her out for a date.  If this is your first time talking to her since you first met her, make sure she knows what you will be doing for the date. Also going on a group date might not be a bad idea.  You do not have to say ” do you want to go on a date?” You can say ” he do you want to come and (say what you will do, make it sound fun) ………. this Saturday night? ”

Explaining The Date

Make sure to tell her what you are doing for the date. It is a good idea to do something that she has not done before. Movies are not that great of an idea of a first date. It is really hard to know each other.  Do something that has more interaction, keep the fist date to just a few hours. You do not want to over do the fist date. We have ask several girls and they all said the shorter fist date is best, 2-3 hours!

How not to ask a girl out

When asking her out do not send her a text message! Do not send her a face book message and not not ask her out over face book chat! Be a man and ask her face to face if possible or at least over the phone. Do not ask her out using text or face book! also thanks for the photos from Photo from free digital

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