How to Get a Guy to Ask

How to Get a Guy to Like You and Ask You Out

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how to get a guy to ask you out
How to get a guy to like you

Only very attractive girls get asked out on dates. It is true that guys want to be attracted to who they ask out; however, according to the study girls that were not the most attractive still got asked out and sometimes even more than girls who were more attractve because they knew how to give the right signs to the guys. These tips can really hope you out if, you want a guy to ask you out. Learn how to get a guy to like you. Get the guy to ask you out on a date! Also if you are looking for some funny pick up lines you are in luck we have lots here too. 

Chances are you are tired of  most guys being to scared to ask you out on a date.  You see them playing games on the weekend instead of asking you out and this is annoying.  After reading though these tips you will learn how you can actually do something about this! Here are some basic tips on how to get a guy to ask you out on a date.  These are just some basic tips that if you follow will help guys know to ask you out on dates.

Tip #1 How To Get A Guy To Like You

How to get a man to like you

You have heard this tip before but it is important and worth repeating. Make sure the guy knows that you have some interest. Guys were asked the number one reason why they do not ask more girls out. The most frequent response was, they were scared of getting shut down. This does not mean every guy you show interest in will have interest in you.  However if you are willing to put your self out there a little and let him know in a non-creepy way, chances of him liking you will increase. How often have you not had interest in someone then found out they liked you, and all of the sudden you kind of like them too? However, if he does no like you do not keep pushing. You should be able to tell if he is in to you or not. Make sure to give him enough keep him interested but do not do to much either!

Tip #2 Almost as good as tip #1


How to get a guy

You should not tell him flat out that you like him, if you have not gone on a date; however, you can let your roommates/friends know that you like him and they can drop hints. They should not tell him to ask you out, if they do this it is a lose lose situation. If he asks you out it is cause the roommate told him to, if he does not ask you, he is a jerk.  It would be better for the roommate to say, ” hey John, Kim thinks you are cute.”

Tip #3 How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

how to get a guy to ask you out

Show interest in him and what he likes. You do not have to pretend to like something you do not, but go out of your way to talk with him and get to know him better. This will also help you decide if you really do like him.

Tip #4

Make sure that he knows that he is important to you. Invite him over to your apartment or ask him to help you with something that you really do need help with. If you invite him over, talk to him. If your roommate talks to him the entire time and you do not then he will think that your roommate likes him, not you.

Tip #5 (how to get a guy to ask you out)

Do the simple things, like smile at him and laugh at his jokes.

Tip #6

Body Language

Body Language is a big thing. If you say one thing, but do another the guy will be very confused and possibly give up. If you are crossing your arms, you might as well just tell him you have no interest. An example would be if you are crossing your legs in his direction with your feet facing towards him, that sends the sign that you are interested. If you are in a room make sure to position yourself by him, make sure to sit by him. Make sure you are clever about this and not obvious. ( Hope this is helpful on learning how to get a guy to like you.)
Tip #7

Ladies sometimes less is more when it comes to makeup. Do not put too much on, I am not saying do not get ready. Also just like you like a good smelling guy, guys like a girl that wears nice perfume too.

Tip #8

Let him know you are available, and make it easy for him to get your number or ask you out. If you are always in a big group of people it will be hard for him to ask you out.

Tip #9

If you have done everything we have talked about you have done your part. He might not like you and that is okay there are a lot more people out there. If he does not like you do not try and convince him to.


Extra Tips on how to get a guy to ask you out on a date

– Don’t talk, text, or call him over and over again, because you might actually just make him not like you.

-Do not bring up old boy friends and do not ask him about old girl friends at first.

-If you ask him who he likes and he says that he doesn’t know when you ask him, that probably means he has feelings for you; however, he may not be sure if he likes you or if he does, he may not know how to tell you.

-Don’t play dumb mind games.

Also for guys check out how to get a girl to like you.

More coming soon

Hope this has helped you figure out how to get a guy to ask you out., or how to get a guy to like you,  If you have anymore tips you think we should add e-mail us at We are currently looking for dating stories and other great dating tips.  If you have a good dating story we will post it on our blog for all to see, or if you have great dating tips we can add to the list of tips we already have. Photo from free digital



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  1. Hey I’m 16 and I like this guy. We are in the same ward and he texts me a lot and I think I like him. How can you tell if you and the guy are almost dating could be soulmates? Because I would rather not waste his time or my time. Are there certain questions I should ask him?


  2. I hope these comments aren’t actually from BYU-i students; they all sound like 12 or 13 year old girls. This website may need a new name, it sounds like it’s attracting an audience different than the intended one.

  3. I have an x bf and i think i still like him… But while we were dating we didnt really hang out much so what do i do to make him like me again?! HELP ME!!

    1. Just ask him out again that’s what I did when I was a kid and I am only 20 and I am getting married soon bit mine so annoying

  4. I really like this guy and his always looking at me but I’m scared to ask him if he likes me so what should I do I really luv him

  5. I am 13 abd theres thus cute guy and i like him so so much and im gonna ask himout but what if he says no. We are all in this group abd i hang out with hin evry day with my girlfreind and two other guys and if i ask him out abd ge says no every one else will know and it will be si awkward

    I dont want to ruin any relationship we already have!!! hell me

  6. I used all of these tips an dit worked, there this one guy i liked and i used the tips and he asked me out a week later. i am so happy

  7. ive liked this guy for 2 years now i sunk last year at talking to him but now im better at talking but he hates me i dont know why whenever im next to him and not going to bother him he acts like im gross or something and makes a face and walks away and i think he likes this brat who hates me!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. So I like several guys and one of the guys i like is VERY shy. Im pretty sure he doesnt even know i exist. Ive never had a boyfriennd before so i am really new to this. I am not looking for any serious relationship, but just someone i can talk to and feel comfortable around who is attracted to me and i am attracted to. How do i get his attention. Im kind of shy. I get nervous when i get around him. I don’t know why.

  9. I like a guy who is da biggest flirt eva and i think he likes me but i think hes to nervous to ask me out even though i am showing signs… what should i do?!

    1. you should let a friend know, then maybe get it to spread then he will ask you out that is what happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i am so happy now.

  10. Ok so i REALLY lik this guy. We used to hang out and flirt all the time. We have kissed nd stuff lik tht but hes my bffs x bf. She liks someone els but she still gets pissy wen i say we have been talking. He flirts nd says thingz to me tht make me all warm inside. Iknw he liks me. Obviously! But he wont talk to me much anymore. Hes a yr older than me nd is in a dif school. I try to get him to talk to me nd hang out on the weekendz. Hell hes askd to come over wen my parents leave. Now he will barely txt me. Iv cried over it sometimes. I feel lik hes just messing with me tho sometimes. He said he wz thinkin bout me a lot b4, now nothing. Idk wat to do anymore nd i cnt ask my friends nd i sure as hell cnt tlk to my mom bout it. Im sooo confuessd nd upset bout this. Nd idk if hes pushing himself away cuz im moving out of the state in august. I cnt stop thinkin bout him even tho hes hurt me in thr past. I need help!!! 🙁

  11. There is a guy I have LOVED totally adored for 1 year and 3 months and sometimes i think he likes me and im really confused cos sometimes he smiles and pays atention to me and sometimes he plain ignores me. what do i do? i want him to like me!

  12. i’ve liked this guy for like 2 years and a lot of girls like him. he barely notices me and i want to be more than friends. my friends know that i like him and they keep on telling me to tell him that i like him. so i told him on facebook that i had a crush on him, i asked him if we were cool and he said yes. but it’s been a month that he hasnt talked to me. please help me cause i dont know what to do!!!! but a good thing is that im best friends with his sister. please help me i really like this guy!

  13. The guy I was interested in TOTALLY asked me out…… TO THE PROM! I didn’t even him that much, but he ACTUALLY did ask. I’m SOOOO excited!

  14. Ok so I like this guy and his girlfriend is my bff but they broke up together and Valentines day is comeing up and I wanted to make him a cupcake with a note saying will u be my valentine and he flirts with me all the time and its obvious and the only time I c him is durning one of my classes with boys who are his bffs and I dont like them at all and now his x is dateing the boy that I hate that are friends with all tje boys that I hate and I dont want to start promblems with them and I dont want to hurt
    my bff but im getting mad what should I do idk anymore can someone help me please!!!

    1. girl went through the same thing too. i use to ask my friends for advice. but really if u want to tell him, don’t tell him in front his friends or anything. make sure that its just you and him. tell him he’s a really great guy and say that you think he’s cute and was wondering if u guys could be more than friends. but if he say okay then your good to go. but if he says no don’t cry!! just say okay and you got to go. the first time i did it it was awful. but then the second guy i liked i told him i wished to be more then friends and he said yes! i really hope it goes good for you 🙂 ( good luck!!)

  15. HELP!!! Im 14 years old, and I really like this guy. Yet i have no idea how to get him. Im just a stupid brown girl, and hes a white jockey. I feel like it’ll never work yet i really want it to… :/
    PLEASE HELP. It kills me knowing he might be getting closer to someone else.
    If it’ll help, we ARE friends, we DO talk, and he has told me i look cute before.

    1. Your race shouldn’t matter. Also, don’t call yourself stupid. Please. Since you are friends already, try asking him if he has a crush on anyone. If he asks why, say no reason. If he says he likes YOU, tell him how you feel. Try flirting with him. I often very subtly flirt with my guy friends, just ’cause. Heck, sometimes I even mess with guys in 8th grade! BTW, I’m in 6th. Maybe mess around with him, or tease him. Since he’s a jock, if you go to watch his game and he loses, afterwards tell him “I didn’t know you loved me so much you forgot how to play (insert his sport)!” in a teasing way. If he blushes, that’s usually good. Make jokes about him, but NEVER, EVER BE CRUEL!!!!!!!! EVER!!!! Make sure he finds it funny too. Try and break the touch barrier, but if he doesn’t like it, stop.

  16. ok so i like this guy and he’s all i ever think about and we sit together in almost all of our classes (not on purpose only because of our teachers and last names) but i really like him and i cant really tell if he likes me. We are good friends tho and he always teases another guy to sound funny and he just does it around me and some of his friends. He also likes football and im not exactly a football fanatic so when he talks about it i have nothing to say and then its just an awkward silence. Also everyones says we look like a good couple. the only person that even really knows that i like him and then she went up to him and asked him what he thought of me ( i was horrified). He didnt say anything and the next couple of days were really awkward and tense. I dont know wat to do. HELP PLEEEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. My friends Cooper and Ellie are madly in love, but haven’t asked each other out yet. I’m worried if me forthey go out, they wont have time for me and their other friends. I also kind of like Cooper and his stepsister (or age) is trying to get him to like me. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. we r in 7th grd and my friend tricked me into telling her who i liked and then she went up to him and asked him what he thought of me ( i was horrified) also everyone thinks that we would be a good couple.

  19. ok so theres this guy i like and we sti together in alot of classes (not on purpose its cuzza the teachers and our last names) but i didnt really like him in the beginning of school but then i sarted to like him and now hes all i ever think about…… i cant really tell if he likes me or not hes sometimes stares at me tho and he always makes jokes about some other guy to be funny. He really likes football tho and im not exactly a football fanatic so he always talks about it and then i have no response so it just gets randomly quiet. (never had a real BF cuz my parents and family would tease me and make fun of me) HELP MEEE PWEEZ!!!!!!!!

  20. There’s this guy that I kinds like and he likes me (78% sure!!) anyway hes liked me since the beginning of the school year and he went out with my friend to make me jellies (it didn’t work) and then they broke up and it was really bad and now it seems like we cant talk and I wanna be sure he still likes me so what do I do to get this guy and keep my friend?

    1. Beany217300,

      Oof that’s tough! Here’s my advice for you:
      Tell your friend you like him and ask them if its okay that you want to go out with him. If your friend says it’s not okay, maybe suggest something else. If she says its okay, that’s good. Talk to the guy about how you feel about going out. Ask him out. Guys almost have to say yes to girls but girls don’t have to say yes to guys.

      Good luck with the guy!
      From CrushedByMyCrush 🙂

  21. There is this guy in my Ancient Civ class and i like him… hes always smiling at me and tries to make me laugh, and he keeps telling people how preatty i am.The only problem is that everybody tells me not to date him cuz the last girl he dated ended up dumped and he sweared at her… what should i do??!!

    1. Toniii,
      If he asks you out, tell him your concern. If he really likes you, he will listen.
      😀 Alice

  22. I like this kid, so I asked him out but it turns out he already has a girlfriend. So he said when he breaks up with her I would be that replacement.

  23. I really likes this guy but I don’t have a clue if he likes me at all!! What are tips on how I should tell him. Or flirt? I just need some help!!

    1. Georgia,
      Get. His. Number. I text my crush all the time on the bus. Tell him about life. Ask him how he is doing. Talk to him between classes.
      😀 Alice

  24. ok im dating this guy and the only reson im dating him is because i feel bad for him and i dont know how to brakeup with him but i really like my nextdoor neighbor but idk if he likes me so please help

  25. Ok there is this guy I like and and I think he likes me but idk wht to do my friend say that mayb she should tell him 2 askme out but I’m scared something goes wrong help me plz !

    1. same here even though i dnt take my own advice it good …….ok hang out wiith the one u like and maybe he will ask uu out.

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