Fun Things to do in Rexburg Idaho


Fun Things to do in Rexburg Idaho

Fun things to do in Rexburg Idaho

If you are a college student at BYU-Idaho, chances are you came from a town much larger than Rexburg. You might think that there is nothing you can do in this small town of Rexburg. After a while you will see that there are loads of fun things to do in Rexburg Idaho; however, it is not the normal things you would usually do in a big city. For example, you can always go out to the sand dunes and have a bon fire. If you like to do things outdoors there are tons of things to do. Yellowstone National Park is only about 1.5 hours away from here. If you are looking for fun things to do in Rexburg Idaho you are in luck. Here is a list of fun things to do in Rexburg Idaho. This is mostly geared towards college students who are going to school at BYU-Idaho. Not all of the things listed here are things to do just in Rexburg, but surrounding areas as well.

  • Play night games at the sand dune
  • Go feed the ducks at the Nature Park
  • $2 Tuesdays at the Cheap Seats and free popcorn Wednesday
  • Go to the ice caves ( four wheel drive required)
  • Hike “R” Mountain
  • Go Fishing
  • Demolition Derby in nearby cities
  • Rodeo
  • Visit Back Country Secrets to find something fun to do
  • Haunted Houses
  • Go play at the park
  • Have a bonfire with treats and a dance party
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Rent a tandem bike from the ORC
  • Play Bigger or Better (Each couple starts with something small—Then they go door to door in your neighborhood asking people to trade you for something bigger or better than the item you currently have. At the end of a specified amount of time, get back together and vote on the winning couple.)
  • Go have a snowball fight (Oh wait that is illegal, do not do that!)
  • Bowling
  • Here is a link to Rexburg Chamber of Commerce they have some good ideas.
  • Go Clay pigeon shooting
  • Play sports outside or in the gym
  • Look at the BYU-I calendar they have lots of things to do.
  • Visit the Teton Flood Museum
  • Go visit the Old Teton Dam
  • Go on a hike
  • Take a piece of paper and write down the first 20 fun things to do in Rexburg Idaho. You will be surprised with what you come up with.
  • Demolition derby (St. Anthony)
  • Go to the Zoo in Idaho Falls
  • Go to Lava Hot Springs (1.5 hours away)
  • Go to Green Canyon
  • Civil Defense Caves
  • Go window shopping
  • Go on a Date, if you are a guy stop playing video games and ask a girl on a date!!!
  • Go to concerts on campus
  • Go to Plays on campus
  • Have a board game night
  • Snow boarding at Kelly Canyon (Wed and Saturday only $15 for night boarding)
  • Country dancing or Swing dancing Wednesday night on campus only $1
  • Latin dancing Friday nights only $1
  • Ice blocking
  • Go do a service project for someone who needs help
  • Paint balling
  • Indoor Rock climbing
  • Go visit people at the Old Folks Home
  • Float down the river with inner tubes

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4 thoughts on “Fun Things to do in Rexburg Idaho”

  1. For summertime you can go to Packsaddle Lake. There is a big rope swing and a diving log, if you can keep your balance out to the end.

  2. Here’s a couple ideas my Fiancee and I came up with during the Fall semester:
    *Buy and make dinner for under 7$.
    *Feed the ducks at Nature Park and then skip rocks on the frozen ponds
    *Make paper airplanes and fly them at the top of the stadium seating (Um…. and then pick them up of course!)
    *Skate on the ice rink South of campus

  3. I liked your list of fun things to do in Rexburg Idaho. I also think you should add going to Ashton it is a fun little town. And have you thought about doing a page for Restaurants in Rexburg?

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