How to Have a Healthy Relationship

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

It is up to you to be happy; it is your choice. You cannot expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to be responsible for your happiness. They can addHealthy Relationship to your happiness but you cannot just expect him or her to do everything for you.

You both need to give to the relationship by serving one another. If you are always on the giving end and your partner on the receiving, you are in unhealthy relationship. The more you put into the relationship the more you want it to work and the more your heart is invested. The ideal situation is that both parties are invested. This type of relationship is the best type when you have two givers.

You need to make sure you respect one another. You both will have different opinions; do not expect your partner to agree with you on every issue. If you tell your partner that you are going to do something make sure you do it no matter how big or small. By doing what you say your relationship will grow stronger. If you do not have respect for each other your relationship will be very unhealthy.

Communication is key to any relationship. If you are not able to talk to each other about issues get out of the relationship now. You need to make sure and talk about how your relationship is going and how you can improve it. Talk to each other and make sure that you both have the same understanding. Someone once said, “you can choose to be right or to have a successful relationship, you can’t always have both.”

It is okay to admit that you made a mistake: apologize when you do. After you have a argument or a misunderstand make sure to talk through it.  It's important to take time to cool off before talking.  One thing that has worked for ages is when you have a fight, stop and take it to the bathroom and finish it there. By the time you arrive the argument will seem silly and will quickly resolve itself. This has helped save many marriages.

You will have to be able to forgive one another. This does not mean that you ignore bumps in the relationship, but it does mean you need to try and be understanding of why they did it and resolve it.  Communication and respect come into play here.

Make sure to always tell the truth no matter what. Make sure to be honest to yourself and to your partner: it's a requirement for a healthy relationship. In the world today people think it is okay to lie to protect someone’s feelings. Lies will destroy your relationship. It will create a disconnect between you and your partner. For any relationship to work you must be able to trust each other 100%!

You need to make sure to make time for each other. No matter how busy you are or how long you have been dating or married. You need to make sure that you set time aside just for the two of you.

As well you need to appreciate each other, the more you appreciate each other the more you will love each other.

Keep your thoughts clean; do not think about other people you could pursue. When you start doing this you will start to see what you cannot have and this will destroy your relationship. It is so important to be faithful to who you are dating. Remember if someone will cheat with you, they will also cheat on you.  Do not flirt with other people.

Make sure to have fun with each other. If you are just starting to date and you are not having fun with each other maybe it is not right. Look for the good in the person you are in the relationship with. If you look, there will be many good things you will be able to find.  Anyone can find something negative about someone, so do not do this. If you look for the good you will find it.


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